Welcome to Farmer Incubator

We’re excited to introduce you to Farmer Incubator, a new venture which commenced development in 2013. We’re now searching for land located in Victoria, Australia.

We’ll grow new farmers—as well as amazing farm produce on a real working farm. Prospective new farmers will use Farmer Incubator as a stepping-stone on their way to farming independently. We will employ them part-time (paid) on the main farm, while they develop their individual farming enterprise on the side. After an agreed period, successfully incubated farmers, leave our farm, taking their products, markets and equipment with them as they transition to a new farm. Farmer Incubator is an opportunity for new farmers to start small and work cooperatively. In Farmer Incubator empowerment is key, through it we will allow new farmers the knowledge and resources to act independently; part of this is connecting them to the land, each other and mentor farmers.

Farmer Incubator is searching for suitable land. It aims to operate once land is secured. If you have land, know of something available, or can hint at where to look – please contact us below.

Farmer Incubator facilitates a way to start small. It is about novices working cooperatively to each get a leg up. Does this sound like your kind of opportunity? Please contact us below. Prior to commencement of the program, we’ll be in touch.

Would you or your business like to buy produce from Farmer Incubator and novice farmers? In future seasons Farmer Incubator will make an interesting range of fresh produce available. Please contact us using the same form below.

Warm Regards, Paul Miragliotta.

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