Spoke & Spade Urban Farm Tour

Weathering the weather warnings, intrepid investigators of urban farming were treated to a great tour of Spoke and Spade, urban farm run by Sim Hanscamp last month in Heidelberg.  Now featuring on a recent episode of Gardening Australia, the ‘rental’ farm (how many farms aren’t rental we ask young farmers!?) we got the low-down on how Sim manages to crank out a commercial quantity of vegetables from his rented suburban block, selling them at places such as the University of Melbourne Farmers Market and now through his Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Spoke and Spade Farm tour phone-10

After the thorough and thoroughly entertaining tour we settled into a lovely lunch and then some long chats and discussions about how Sim and others get into farming and how others can do the same.

Spoke and Spade Farm tour phone-15

Spoke and Spade Farm tour phone-18

If you’re interested in farming and want to check out how other farmers get stuck into it, come along on one of our other farm tours.  Sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media feeds to keep in touch. One day we might want to come and visit you and find out how you did it.

Spoke and Spade Farm tour

Oh and Sim left us with his Top Six Tips on getting started in farming:

sim's top 6 tips

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