We hold a variety of events throughout the year, including farm tours, hands on workshops, mingling socials, and Q&A panel sessions. We invite specialists/leaders/early adopters/passionate people in their field to come and lead our events so that you can get the most out of the day, and keep up to date with prominent conversations.

We will list upcoming events here, so keep this bookmarked !

APRIL / Farmer Incubator Garlic Seed Planting Day

We will be spending the day planting garlic for the PUGF 2021 participants’ crop seeds, and a Farmer Incubator cash crop. Typically starting around 9am, join our team and others in getting hundreds of cloves into the ground ! We will demonstrate what good planting involves, no experience required. You will be provided with a delicious lunch in return for your help.
Details to be confirmed, stay tuned.

If you have any suggestions for event topics that you would like us to delve into, please send us a email ! We would love to hear what you want to know more about !

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