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Saturday 16 Feb, 5-8pm at Ceres Joe’s Market Garden

Attention all aspiring farmers ! As you may have heard through the grapevine, Farmer Incubator will be running Pop-Up garlic farmers in 2019 ! Come along to our info session for a chance to speak to us and some PUGF alumni. We will be providing more in depth information about the program, what skills you’ll learn, the timeline, what to expect, what you’ll come out with at the other end, and we will be more than happy to answer specific questions from you too. You’re welcome to come along to this night if you’ve already signed up, maybe you can meet some others that you’ll be sharing this program with. And if you are unsure if this is the right program for you, or there is something you want clarified, we can sit down with you and have a chat. You will still have plenty of time to make a decision to sign up after this event. We will provide light refreshments and drinks on the night.

Attend our Facebook event:


This will be an Sustainable Living Festival event:


3 thoughts on “Our Events”

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the comment and opportunity – we’ll certainly forward your link on to our seedling farmers! Sorry for the late reply – must really give our website more love 🙂 Cheers, Per

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